All for one, and one for all!

“All for One and One for All!” That was the Musketeers’ motto in 17th-century France when King Louis XIII’s men contended for the land’s power with Cardinal Richelieu’s guards.

Good Duologues are the Building Blocks for Understanding

Teaching and learning English is tough. VERY tough. VERY, VERY tough if it’s taught as a second (or even third) language. And if we add to that the pressure that kids feel to perform well and be recognized for it, we have a concoction that may not suit everyone’s taste…

The Debating Games Have Begun!

The Debating Games have begun! Although not a proper death-unless-last-participant-standing kind of tournament -to the chagrin of some- the competition is fierce. 

Creative Writing Champs!

After a three-year hiatus, during which we were unable to hold our competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic or just holding it virtually as was the case last year, the in-person final for our Creative Writing Competition made a triumphant return, with a -fictional- vengeance!

A Proud Finalist!

A PROUD FINALIST! What a remarkable achievement! Facing some tough competition from all over the world, our ESU PSC 2023 winner Trinidad from Colegio Cumbres made it all the way into the final of the International Public Speaking Competition of the ESU International, held at Dartmouth House, London, UK. In the final she had to […]

Trinidad in Trafalgar!

TRINIDAD IN TRAFALGAR! Well, not exactly in Trafalgar, but close enough! We salute Trinidad from Colegio Cumbres who delivered today not one, but TWO speeches at the International Public Speaking Competition! First she delivered an Impromptu Speech and later during the day she delivered her prepared speech.  Now the judges will reconvene for the day […]

See the IPSC Final Online this Friday!

IPSC FINAL THIS FRIDAY – WATCH ONLINE! Trinidad from Colegio Cumbres, our winner this year, who will be representing us at the ISPC in London this week. ‘Relations between nations are too important to be left to governments alone.’ Discuss! Young people from 30 countries are in London this week for the annual ESU International […]