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November 26th, 2018

On Thursday 29th November, the winner of the 1st ESU Chile Teacher Award was announced, with Cindy Cifuentes from Windsor School (Valdivia) becoming the first winner of this award.

The ESU Chile Teacher Award is part of ESU's International Teacher Award initiative, which celebrates the work done by teachers across the world to develop their students' oracy skills. 

The Award was presented by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal at Casas de Lo Matta, at a ceremony attended by over 60 teachers, students and school heads.

We would also like to congratulate the 2 runners-up for this year's award: Michelle Crosbie (Nido de Águilas) and Neeladevi Chatta (The Wessex School - Concepción). Together with Cindy, their amazing work and dedication has had a positive impact on a huge number of students, both in their classroom and beyond.