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Olympiad Global Issues Competition is organised by the English Department
of The Wessex School and co-sponsored by ESU Chile.  

This event is made up of a team of 5 students from a school. Each team must select 3 themes from the UN 17 Goals to transform the world. The aim is to promote critical thinking and logical reasoning in both speaking and writing.


  • The competition is open to students from 7th grade to 12th grade. As the 2022 Olympiad Competition is virtual, it has been expanded to include any Chilean school that is an active member in ESU Chile.
  • Participation is in groups (5 students).
  • Each school or high school has to choose 3 themes from the 17 UN Goals proposed for the video.
  • Each school may enter only one video. The videos cannot exceed 5 minutes.


  • To enhance the interaction between school and community, school and family, through The Wessex English Olympiad and to encourage critical thinking and logical reasoning that helps to differentiate between the way English is written and spoken.
  • To encourage the use of English as a foreign language in pupils.
  • To generate instances of participation and healthy competition among students.