Model united nations (MUN)

CraigMUN 2024

Scheduled for 4-5 October

The CraigMUN conference was first hosted by Craighouse School in 2018. It has since grown and progressed to accommodate more delegates and student officers, alongside a growing team of motivated club members. Its goal has always been to expand Model United Nations within Chile and involve more institutions in this exciting form of debate and discussion. In 2020 and 2021, amid the Covid-19 crisis, CraigMUN migrated to an online format and welcomed students outside Chile for the first time.

Click here for Delegation Registration Form

Please fill out this form with the registration information for the delegates that will participate in CraigMUN 2023.

There is a maximum of 4 students per delegation. In the case of more than four students wishing to participate from your school, please fill out this form as many times as needed. If there are less than four participants in a delegation please leave the empty committees blank.

Security Council is an optional committee so if there are no delegates wishing to participate in Security Council, you can register exclusively in GA and ECOSOC.

Please keep in mind that the selection of country preferences are different between Security Council and General Assembly and ECOSOC. The delegates signing up will be able to choose their top three choices for country assignments. The delegates in SC, who will function as a duo in a singular committee, will both get the same country.

For the selection of the country preference we will try our best to accommodate them.3

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Please reach out to for any specific information that you require that is not yet found on our site.