Meet the winner of the Oracy Teacher Award


After an extensive judging process, the three finalists were recognized for their incredible work in the field of oracy.

The winner was Juan Guevara, a teacher from Colegio Patricio Lynch, a small voucher school in Valparaíso. According to the judge’s, Juan stood out as a candidate as he has successfully led his students to compete at the ESU Chile Public Speaking Competition, as well as at an international robotics competition in the USA. He firmly believes that, more than resources, passion and motivation are the key ingredients to being successful as a teacher. Despite the disadvantages faced by his students, Juan has been able to take them to compete at the same level as students from the best private schools in Chile.

Juan has been teaching in this context for 9 years and in that time his biggest challenge has been helping his students to become confident speakers and critical thinkers. Juan's main objective is therefore to make learning English a meaningful experience for his students, while using his class time in the most effective way possible. In this sense, Oracy has provided Juan with a natural way of achieving both of these goals.  

During the ceremony, the two runners-up, Neeladevi Chatta from Wessex School and David Massiah were also awarded. All of the finalists will now represent Chile in the International Oracy Teacher Award.

The Prize-giving ceremony for the 2019 Oracy Teacher Award was held on On Thursday 5th December at the British Ambassador's residence.