And the competition begins! First round of the ESU Chile Debating Tournament for Schools 

September 30th, 2017

On Saturday, September 30th, ESU Chile’s Debating Tournament for Schools got underway at Villa María Academy. With almost 100 students from 12 schools taking part, the tournament looks set to be one of the biggest in ESU Chile’s history. 



In addition to the schools who traditionally compete in this event, it was very promising to see a host of new schools joining in for 2017.

For the first round of prepared debates, the teams had to debate the motion ‘This house believes that immigration stimulates local economies’. As immigration is currently a hot topic in Chile, the students were not lacking in arguments. This led to 6 well-contested and very close debates.


In the second round, the schools were presented with the motion ‘This house believes that the USA and China will become allies in the 21st Century’ and had just an hour to prepare their arguments – a real test of the students’ ability to think on their feet!


By the end of the day, 12 debates had taken place, with all 12 schools still in contention of reaching the semi-finals in November. For now, our attention switches to the second date of the competition, which will be held by debutants Colegio San Pedro Nolasco.

The debates