Olympiad global issues

2023: JUNE 27, Final Deadline
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March 28, April 4 & April 11 – Olympiad “Getting Started” Workshop

June 9  – Final Registration Deadline

June 16 – Video Submission Deadline

June 27 – Online Award Ceremony  

Team of 3-5 students from a school grades 7°-12° ages 12-19

Prizes will be awarded in three categories: 

-Native English Speakers (NES). 

-English as a Second Language (ESL). 

-English as a Foreign Language (EFL). 

This ESU Event, co-sponsored by The Wessex School in Concepción, is an interscholastic competition, promoting English speaking and writing skills, problem solving, and international-mindedness with an emphasis on the 4 Cs of 21st century learning: Communication, Critical thinking, Creativity and Collaboration. Each team must select 1 theme from the United Nations 17 Goals to Transform the World list: First, research the specific UN theme and develop an original script to demonstrate local and global examples of their selected issue. Then, the team must produce a 5-minute video to present their original script in audio/video format of choice: narrative skit, a short story, Kamishibai photo narrative, live performance, puppet show, a public service announcement, a documentary, interview, among others. Regardless of the format, the students must bring their video presentation to life with their voices.

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