November 8th

On November 8th we had our ceremony awards for the Olympiad Global Issues Competition, hosted and organised by The Wessex School in Concepción, who had many activities planned with musical interludes included. The OGI is a competition sponsored by the ESU and co-organised with The Wessex School, in which a team of 5 students from each school is invited to creatively, through a video, tackle the Global Sustainability Issues as specified by the United Nations for 2030.

We’d like to thank Neela Chatta and her team from Wessex School as well as our judges: Andrea Gaete, Christine Jeppesen and Lynnann Lovejoy.

We had participants from schools all over the country! Our three medalists were all from the Bio Bio Region and were as following:

1st Place: Deutsche Schule (Concepción) for their video “How is the World Doing.”

2nd Place: Colegio Almondale (San Pedro) for their video “Fast Fashion.”

3rd Place: Alonso de Ercilla (Hualqui) for their video “Maybe I’m the Problem”

Congratulations to all teams!

1st Place, Deutsche Schule Concepción. L to R: Joaquín Adauy, Macarena Saldías, Martina Stom, Martina Schonauer & Alex Zúñiga
2nd Place Colegio Almondale. L to R: Martina Rojas, Isidora Coronado, Magdalena Reyes, Antonia Sepúlveda & Matilde Toledo
3rd Place Alonso de Ercilla (Hualqui) Team. Fernanda Ruiz, Francisco Araneda, María José Villegas, Trinidad Vallejos, Anaís Retamal.