Just one week is left for our in-person 2024 Public Speaking Competition semifinals and finals! Each of the ten semifinalists – after a virtual Round 1 in which they had to submit a video – will have the opportunity to present their speeches to a distinguished panel of judges, who will evaluate their performance based on a variety of criteria, including clarity, delivery, and overall effectiveness. The judges are respected leaders in their respective fields, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to them for their time, expertise, and dedication to this competition.

After the semifinals, four finalists will be selected to move on to the final round, where they will compete for the top prize. This is a highly competitive event, and we are confident that each finalist will demonstrate exceptional skill and tenacity in their speeches.

We are grateful to the Universidad de Los Andes for hosting this competition at their beautiful campus. Their commitment to promoting education and excellence in communication is truly admirable. Finally, we would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to each of the semifinalists, finalists, and their families. Your hard work and dedication to the art of public speaking are truly inspiring, and we are honored to have you as part of this competition. We cannot wait to see the outstanding performances that will undoubtedly be delivered at the ESU Chile Public Speaking Competition Semifinals.

Both Heats and the Finals will be Live Streamed through our Youtube channel (click link). 

Arrival Time & Sign-In Arrivals
Auditorium A (Biblioteca)
Welcome from ESU
Auditorium A
Keynote Speech with Dr. Anil Sadarangani
Auditorium A
Introduce PSC 2023 Winner and IPSC Finalist, Trinidad Guzmán
Auditorium A
Heats Rules Introduction
Auditorium A (Heat 1) / Auditorium B (Heat 2)
Semifinals: Heat 1 & 2, 1st Speaker (Simultaneous)
Auditorium A / B
Semifinals: Heat 1 & 2, 2nd Speaker (Simultaneous)
Auditorium A / B
Semifinals: Heat 1 & 2, 3rd Speaker (Simultaneous)
Auditorium A / B
Semifinals: Heat 1 & 2, 4th Speaker (Simultaneous)
Auditorium A / B
Semifinals: Heat 1 & 2, 5th Speaker (Simultaneous)
Auditorium A / B
Morning Break
Impromptu Speeches
Auditorium A
Campus Tour
Lunch Break
Welcome Back – Keynote Speech by Professor Paula Baldwin
Auditorium A
Final Heat – 4 Speakers
Auditorium A
Judges confer and Afternoon Break
Awards Ceremony
Auditorium A
Photo Session
Auditorium A


Dr. Anil Sadarangani

Dr. Anil Sadarangani, Director of Innovation at Universidad de Los Andes, transitioned from laboratory research to management, driven by his desire to bridge science with society. Initially drawn to cetology, he pursued Biology, later focusing on cancer research. After completing degrees at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, he earned an MBA in California, emphasising innovation and entrepreneurship. Anil has worked in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Chile where he is currently responsible for bridging Universidad de Los Andes technologies and society. In recent years, he has been developing parallel projects, such as teaching and integrating girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers, as well as mentoring various startups pro bono.

Professor Paula Baldwin

Professor Paula Baldwin Lind holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature, specialising in English Linguistics and Literature (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), a Master’s degree in English Literature from 1550-1780 (University of Oxford, England), and a PhD in Shakespeare Studies (The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, England). She is currently the Director of the Theatre Studies Diploma Programme at the Institute of Literature, Full Professor at the Institute of Literature of the Universidad de Los Andes, and the principal researcher of the Fondecyt Regular Project n° 1221612: “Building Bridges: Comparative Study of Domestic Spaces in Selected Comedies by Lope de Vega and William Shakespeare”.


Final Judges
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Francisca Kelly is the founder at BUKKU Education, Author of educational Storybooks for children. An English Language Teacher with nearly 20 years experience, she also is an Educational Consultant for Public and Private Schools. She is a firm promoter of Positive Education.
Jeremy Gould is MINEDUC's Coordinator for the National Centre of English-Speaking Volunteers, since 2012. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Spanish from Salisbury University, Maryland.
Lyllian Turri is the Country Manager of Cambridge University Press in Chile since 2007, tirelessly contributing to the teaching of English in Chile working with schools, higher education organisations and the Cámara Chileno-Británica de Comercio (BritCham).

Semifinals Judges
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HEAT 1 (Auditorium A)


Amapola M

Camila C

Carolina C

Cristóbal C

Mikaela B

Rodrigo Achá Oliva is the Coordinator for English Camps in the MINEDUC programme "Inglés Abre Puertas". He's an English Teacher graduate from the Universidad de Tarapacá, with over 10 years of experience, and expertise in Educational Leadership.
Claudia Parra Böhringer, has been teaching English to university students for over 20 years, and is currently the Director of English as a Foreign Language Programme at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, and Cambridge English Centre Exam Manager at the same university.
Eduardo Vásquez Cantillana, English Teacher with 30 years of experience. Currently the Country Manager at the Instituto Chileno Británico de Cultura

Semifinals Judges
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HEAT 2 (Auditorium B)


Isabela M

Mikaela R

Nolan M

Paula V

Taewhan J

Tom Connelly is the founder and director of ELTEC Consultants Chile, and has over 20 years of experience in English language teaching and bilingual education. He holds a Masters in Applied Linguistics and ELT from the University of Surrey and the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management from Cambridge University.
Alicia Liliana González is the Head of English at the San Nicolás Diácono School in Colina. With nearly 20 years of experience teaching English as a second language to students in Chile.
Mr. Peter Lynch, Peter Lynch is an Anglo-Chilean who has lived and studied in both Chile and the UK. He has an economics degree from the U of Southampton and a postgraduate business degree from the U Adolfo Ibáñez. Currently President of the Cámara Chileno-Británico de Comercio (BritCham) and a member of the board of the Instituto Chileno-Británico de Cultura.

Round 1 Judges (Virtual)

Alejandra Duarte (Universidad de Talca)

Stephanie Hairgrove (Inglés Abre Puertas, MINEDUC)

Steven Hoit (Greenhouse School, Temuco)

Christine Jeppesen (ICBC, ESU)

Emma Johnston (ICBC)

Bernardita Latorre (SIP Schools)

Erica Mery (Universidad Católica del Norte, La Serena)

Viviana Rojas (Universidad Católica, Temuco)

Carolina Ruiz (Baptist School, Temuco)

Rodrigo Santos (Universidad Católica del Maule, Talca)

Lorena Soto (Universidad Mayor, Santiago)

Flor Toledo (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, ESU)

Anne Westmacott (Universidad de Los Andes)

Cassandra Williams (Independent English Teacher)