Poetry Festival

Reciting poetry can help enrich the students’, vocabulary as well as improve their pronunciation in English. It also gives them a taste of public speaking and helps develop their confidence.

In this competition, students from 3rd grade to 8th grade recited a poem of their choice from a pre-selected list provided by ESU Chile.

Interschool Participant Winners sent their MP4 format video presentation and our experts in public speaking  evaluated their delivery, focusing on their expression, clarity and interpretation of the poem.

Every year, students from all over the country participate in this competition, learning and sharing with others as well as taking the first step towards public speaking.













ESU Chile is very grateful to all those who sponsored our activities, to those who acted as juries or in another capacity, and to all educational institutions and individuals who became partners of ESU Chile.






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Fernanda - 3rd. Grade

La Maisonnette

Blanca del Carmen - 4th. Grade

Colegio Villamaria 

Colegio La Maisonnette

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Marco -5th. Grade

Colegio Villamaria

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Paula - 7th. Grade

Colegio Villamaria

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Harman -  6th. Grade

Craighouse School

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Ignacio - 8th. Grade

The Grange School

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Teacher Workshops

To help our teachers prepare their students for the Poetry Recitation Festival, we invited them to attend our annual teacher development workshop led by English language expert, Jennifer Haugh.

The workshop focussed on three main areas:

  • Introduction to procedures / Overview

  • Classroom Engagement

  • Presentation Etiquette

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Picture 1.png

Contest Overview


Classroom Engagement Video

Classroom Engagement Lessons Plans


Presentation Etiquette Video

Presentation Etiquette Lessons Plans

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