As you all may know, December tends to be a very hectic month for all so our apologies for not announcing this sooner! Our three top places for the Short Story Competition 2022, written with “Freedom” as a theme, are the following (click image to read):


On 28 November we had a Creative Writing online workshop with all available participants from the competition. Teacher Melanie Rowe was in charge of firing up their Imagination’s cylinders… which didn’t take much prodding as they amazed all of us with the written pieces they were able to produce in such short amount of time! We certainly are looking forward to more workshops and activities celebrating the written word.

David Bamford was our keynote speaker and delighted us all with his reveries and insights as a published author himself. He also stepped in as a moderator in the online workshop as well as having already been a judge for the final round. A man for all seasons! Thank you so much David.

We would also like to thank our other judges throughout the competition: Nathan Allen, Veronica Cordero, Gloria Faundes, Christine Jeppesen, Melanie Rowe & Carlos Torres.

Last but not least, a huge thanks has to go to Nithiya Kala who took charge of the competition at very short notice, proving to be a delightful person and a great team leader!

Macarena Errecaborde, 1st Place
Nithiya Kala
Melanie Rowe
David Bamford