Past Events

2015 Southern Public Speaking Competition

We held our 2015 Southern Public Speaking Competition on the 9th October from 9am to 5pm. For this year's competition 18 schools accepted, we had 2 heats with 14 or 15 participants each one. The theme for this year was "EDUCATION IS NOT THE FILLING OF A PAIL BUT THE LIGHTING OF A SPARK" and we listened to many good deliveries. 10 judges accepted our invitation and worked during the morning heats and the afternoon session, most of them University teachers and some other professionals who enriched our event. As compared to last year's competition we realised that students were much better prepared and teachers have devoted more time for the preparation of their students. We are thrilled with the amount of schools, the enthusaism of the teachers and students and we thank Windsor School for the support, ESU for the auspices and to all our fantastic ushers, students from 11th grades) who take their job in a very serious way.

The winners were the following:

Place Name School

1st Sebastián Hood Windsor School, Valdivia

2nd Fernanda Vallejos Greenhouse School, Temuco

3rd Francisca Arias Instituto Inmaculada Concepción, Valdivia

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