Past Events

2017 Workshop: Analysing Body Language in the Classroom

As part of our teacher training activities, this year for the first time we held an interesting, eye-opening and very practical workshop on analysing gestures in the classroom that revealed useful techniques that teachers can easily apply to their teaching practice.

The event took place on 28th August at Villa María Academy.

Danyal Farsani, an expert in the field, led the session and, with some simple tips, helped the teachers discover the benefitsof incorporating body language into their professional teaching practice.

Danyal (PhD, University of Birmingham) is something between a former math teacher, an author and educational researcher. For many years he has provided training to lawyers, MPs and congress members. Now, he has focused his research on education since he believes his background has helped him become aware of how the very subtle and silent nonverbal messages that are used by all of us contain important information.

During the workshop, he explained that most of our communication is nonverbal; something understood by everyone but known by a few. Therefore, he showed the participants how to raise awareness of the power of body language demonstrating a number of small changes that we can make and that can have a big effect on the teaching-learning process.

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