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2017 ESU Chile Debate Training Program for teachers 3/3

The Debates!

For the final session of the Debate Training Program, the teachers and coaches had the opportunity to take part in a debate. Having studied the format and strategies in the previous sessions, the participants were able to put their skills to the test in a series of mock debates.

During the session, experienced and first-time debaters, were able to support each other in order to create stimulating arguments and an enriching debate.

Stephen Buchanan, our coach and a debater with over 20 years of experience, guided them through the entire process, providing the participants with useful tips and advice.

We want to thank all of the teachers and coaches who successfully participated in the 2017 ESU Chile Debate Training Program.

By the end of the programme, the teachers were ready to implement a debate programme within their schools, with a wealth of resources, training and experience to draw upon. The ability to implement these skills in a host of classroom contexts will create a sustained impact in improving their students' oracy and literacy skills.

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