Past Events

2019 Debate Tour

A world-class debater, adjudicator and ESU UK mentor travelled the length of Chile, taking debate to schools from across the country.

Sarah O'Keeffe, started debating in school. In 2012, she became a debating coach; and in 2016, a ESU debate mentor. She has participated in some of the most prestigious debate competitions in the world, including being part of the development quad for Team England. She has also been an adjudicator at the national final of the Mace Competition, has represented England in Japan and has taught debate for ESU UK and for several other organizations. All of this, while studying law at Oxford University.

Taking advantage of her expertise and motivation, we organized a debate tour for our member schools that took in the north, south and center of Chile. For 2 weeks, Sarah, travelled across our country, visiting ESU schools and teaching debate. Schools such as International School La Serena, Wessex School, Craighouse, Nido de Águilas, Liceo de Aplicación and Saint George's College got to meet her and improve their Oracy skills. She also worked with Team Chile in their preparation for the World Schools Debating Championship to be held this year in Sri Lanka.

At some schools, Sarah, spent a whole day with the students, leading them through a series of entertaining activities; at others, she spent time with the debating teams and their coaches. During this time, the students reviewed the most important debating strategies, learned how to develop an argument and worked on their style and body language.

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