2023 Public Speaking Competition
Held at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, March 31, 2023



The air was thick with anticipation as each of our semifinalists took the stage of our public speaking competition, at the beautiful Pdte. Errázuriz Campus of Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. Each one had honed their speeches to perfection, but now it was time for the real test – their oracy skills, in person, in front of an audience and in a serious academic setting. The ability to communicate effectively and persuasively through speech is an art form that cannot be overstated in its importance.

In today’s world, where communication is key to success in almost every field, English oracy is crucial. It enables us to articulate our thoughts clearly, convey our ideas effectively, and persuade others to our point of view. It is the key to success in interviews, business meetings, and even personal relationships.

English oracy is also essential for academic success. It is not enough to simply write a well-researched paper or essay; one must also be able to present their findings and defend their arguments in front of an audience. Students who are able to speak confidently and persuasively are more likely to succeed in their academic pursuits, as well as in their future careers.

Furthermore, the ability to speak English fluently and confidently opens up a world of opportunities. It allows us to travel to English-speaking countries with ease, connect with people from different cultures, and access a wealth of information and resources online.

These are all ideas conveyed by our prestigious Keynote Speakers during the day: Prof. Fernando Wilson and Mr. Peter Lynch, both of whom regaled the audience with their thoughts and memories on their professional journey and the key aspect the use of English has had in them.


Doctor Fernando Wilson is a Chilean historian. He has a postgraduate degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso, Chile; National Defense University, Washington, USA; Laspau Center, Harvard University, USA.
He has taught and inspired generations of undergraduate and postgraduate students for many years. He has a full-time Tenure, as an Associate Professor, in the History and Social Sciences Department of the Liberal Arts Faculty at Adolfo Ibañez University. He is a Regular Concurring Professor at the Chilean Naval War College, lecturing on Naval History and Strategy. He is a Latin American Strategic and Defense Issues consultant for the Janes International Group.
Don’t be surprised if you spot Fernando as an international affairs expert guest on some broadcasting news channels.

Peter Lynch is an Anglo-Chilean who has lived and studied in both Chile and the UK, though he has spent all his working life in Chile. He has an economics degree from the University of Southampton and a postgraduate business degree from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. He has worked for British (Shell), American (BellSouth), Chilean (Central de Restaurantes Aramark), and Australian (BHP) multinationals, with senior roles in finance, internal audit and controls, as well as corporate & strategic planning, accounting, and treasury, all gained in the mining, oil, telecoms and services industries. He is currently President of the Cámara Chileno-Británico de Comercio (BritCham) and a member of the board of the Instituto Chileno-Británico de Cultura.

The order of the day was: Introductory speeches by our Country Manager, Mr. Philip Ray and our Academic Manager, Lynnann Lovejoy and the first Keynote Speech in the hands of Prof. Fernando Wilson. 

Then the participants were divided into 2 Heats in different rooms where they would deliver their prepared speeches. After that a Break and then the Impromptu Speeches (see them below!)


Tamara Álvarez, U Andes, Heat 1
Ma. Eugenia Bambach, UDP, Heat 1
Eduardo Vásquez, ICBC, Heat 1
Claudia Parra, PUCV, Heat 2
Lorena Soto, U Mayor, Heat 2
Fernando Wilson, UAI, Heat 2


Jonathan Callund, former ESU Chile Chair and former ESU International President. Pensions and insurance specialist with 35 years’ experience in public policy and corporate development projects in Latin America. Came to Chile for a short sojourn but stayed for a lifetime. Proud husband, father and granddad.
Javiera Horta, is the Directora of Enseña Chile and has considerable experience in Education Leadership, Strategic Management and People Development.
Gloria Romero has a Ph.D. in Second Language Education from the University of Ottawa and is currently working at Universidad de Santiago de Chile in the area of English language teaching training.

After the Impromptu Speeches we all had a break for Lunch, after which Mr. Peter Lynch delivered his Keynote Speech and we announced our four finalists: Alfonsina, Josefina, Sofía & Trinidad.

These four participants had to deliver their prepared speech once again and had to be grilled by three distinguished Judges. After this our judges conferred and decided on who would be declared 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honourable Mention. The decision was not easy but after careful consideration they decided thus: 


Trinidad, Colegio Cumbres


Sofía, The International School La Serena


Alfonsina, Lincoln International Academy


Josefina, Villa María Academy


We would like to give a big thanks to Universidad Adolfo Ibañez for hosting us this year, in particular to Claudio Osorio, Jacqueline Santa María and her team (Abraham, Lisette & José), Gustavo Cueto from La Tarta for a delicious Lunch, Flor Toledo and her team from English at UAI Viña del Mar.

To Rodrigo, Tisli and Jeannette from our stalwart sponsors Books & Bits, who once again have overdelivered with the books they donated as prizes. Bollywood will have to wait for another opportunity next year unfortunately!

To Macarena Jaramillo and her music students – Alfonsina, Josefina, Sarita & Antonia – from Villa María Academy, who wowed the audience with a commanding presence and eminent musicality. Rolling in the Deep never sounded so good!

To our amazing Public Speaking Task Force, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible: Loreto Abascal, Claudia Hermógenes, Christine Jeppessen, Flor Toledo and of course our very own Irish Force of Nature, Lynnann Lovejoy.

To all our participants, their families and their schools. Their hard work, talent and determination inspired everybody present and hopefully other students who may see them delivering these speeches.

To all our Judges through the different rounds. Apart from those that were part of the day, we have to thank all judges that gave their time for our Virtual Round 1:

Thamara Aravena (Universidad de Tarapacá, Arica)

Jaime Correa (Universidad San Sebastián, Valdivia)

Erika De La Barra (USACH, Santiago)

Ronda Haverland (Universidad de Chile, ICBC)

Christine Jeppesen (ICBC, ESU)

Emma Johnston (ICBC)

Erica Mery (Universidad Católica del Norte, La Serena)

Sandra Moreno (Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta)

Colin Rogers (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, ESU)

Viviana Rojas (Universidad Católica, Temuco)

Rodrigo Santos (Universidad Católica del Maule, Talca)

Nataly Telles (Universidad de Concepción)

Anne Westmacott (Universidad de Los Andes)