Duologue competition


Each school may enter one duologue team (2 students) for grade 1 and one duologue team (2 students) for Grade 2 (ages 5-8 years)

16 August = Final registration due through online form for Duologue Team(s)

23 August = submit mp4 video recording due through online form or to esu@esu.cl

26 August – September 02 = Round 1 judging (virtual)

05 September = Announce Semifinalists to advance to in-person final heats

27 September = Final Heats for Duologue in person Host Colegio del Verbo Divino

                              Pdte Errázuriz 4055, 7550595 Las Condes, Región Metropolitana

                          (participants need to make arrangements to attend in-person)

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