The English Writing Competition encourages students to develop their creative writing skills, as well as helping them to structure their thoughts and build an argument in English. The goal is to create a space in which the students can express themselves fluently through written English.

In the first stage of this competition, participants will be asked to write a short persuasive text (approx. 150 words) in favour of or against one of 3 contentious topics. The selected finalists then go on to develop a piece of creative writing, inspired by an audio/visual stimulus (e.g. a video clip).


The registration process for the 2021 English Writing Competition will open on September 1st. To reduce the administrative load on teachers,  students will make their applications directly and we will just require the teachers’ signature on a form assuring us that they consider the applicant has the necessary skills to enter the competition.

Essays/emails must be submitted before September 28th, 2021. 

The competition is divided into three categories: 

  • Junior: Students in 7th to 9th grade (7º básico a 1º medio)
  • Senior Category: Students in 10th to 12th grade (2º a 4º medio)
  • Independent Category: School leavers aged between 18 and 25

A maximum of 3 pupils per school will be accepted for participation in the final round.

Full details for registration and further information may be found in the 2021 English Writing Competition Handbook available as from 1st September.

Teacher Resourses


To help our teachers prepare their students for the Poetry Recitation Festival, we invited them to attend our annual teacher development workshop led by English language expert, Jennifer Haugh.

The workshop focussed on three main areas:

  • Introduction to procedures / Overview

  • Classroom Engagement

  • Presentation Etiquette

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