We were delighted to have such a good turn-out for the Kick-Off of the ESU-Summit 2021, a very productive session with some great feedback and highly creative ideas for innovation.

To those of you who were unable to attend or who did not receive the invitation, please watch the video below and/or review the SUMMIT PPT which contains links to the videos of our founder, Richard Collingwood-Selby, David Bamford one of our most stalwart and creative volunteers over the years, and Dominga Chamorro winner of the Public-Speaking Competition 2021.

You will also find an interesting infographic explaining the Hedgehog Concept and how we propose to ensure that all we do at ESU Chile is beyond good!

Finally, you will see the results of the breakout sessions we conducted and some of the excellent tributes we have received to date.

On the basis of this input and further one-on-one meetings with representatives with different representative of our community, the Executive Committee and Council and some new volunteers will be completing the DEFINE phase during September in order to have a clear purpose for the DISCOVER and DREAM phases we shall be programming in October and November!

We shall also be holding a highly interactive workshop on the Appreciative Inquiry approach after the Fiestas Patrias, led by our expert, Rick Locke, in order to prepare facilitators for these phases and subsequently DESIGN and prepare to DELIVER the programme for 2022 between December and March 2022.