Hosted by Colegio del Verbo Divino
Friday 13 October, 2023

Teaching and learning English is tough. VERY tough. VERY, VERY tough if it’s taught as a second (or even third) language. And if we add to that the pressure that kids feel to perform well and be recognized for it, we have a concoction that may not suit everyone’s taste…

But what if you could team up with a buddy and make it FUN? That’s what our Duologues are for: to help our teachers and students learn English interactively, enjoyably, and in a ‘safer’ emotional context for our youngest students.

Nearly 40 students from 1st and 2nd grades delighted us with their panache and joy on Friday, October 13th, at Colegio del Verbo Divino in Las Condes, for the semifinals and finals. And although the date may have seemed ominous, there were no frights or nightmares enacted on stage. To the contrary, the explosion of happiness from the students at Colegio Pedro de Valdivia in Providencia attested to this when we announced they were this year’s winners of the Traveling Trophy (see picture above). Duologues seem to be the stuff dreams are made of.

Thank you to all the schools, students and teachers who participated this year: Colegio del Verbo Divino, Colegio Cumbres, La Maisonnette, Lincoln International Academy – Lo Barnechea, Orchard College, Pedro de Valdivia – Providencia, Saint George’s College, Saint Peter’s School, The Mayflower School and Villa María Academy.

We would like to thank Colegio del Verbo Divino for their kindness by hosting us this year and the wonderful music their student band ‘The Aeroplanes’ provided. Keep up the good work!

Our marvelous judges on the day: Christie Alonso, Gabby Baker, Kiyomi Cuevas and Chris Lembo.  All teachers at St. George’s College.

Our judges from Round 1 (Online): Tamara Álvarez (Universidad de Los Andes), Eugenia Contreras (Universidad Diego Portales), Álvaro Osses (Universidad Autónoma), Miqueias Rodrigues (Universidad Mayor), Andrea Rodríguez (Cambridge Chile) and Miriam Rojas (Universidad Católica La Serena).

Without further ado, here are this year’s top 4 places!

L to R: Martín del Río and Agustín Carpentier (Colegio Cumbres), Honourable Mention; Fátima Montt and Isabel Cisternas (Villa María Academy), 3rd Place; Florencia Parra and Josefina Diez (Colegio Pedro de Valdivia - Providencia), 2nd Place; and Martina Torres and Ema Urrutia (The Mayflower School), 1st Place.
L to R: Clemente Escobar and Ananya Prajapati (Lincoln International Academy - Lo Barnechea), Honourable Mention; Antonia Spencer and Javiera Debesa (Colegio Cumbres), 3rd Place; Delfina Ramírez and Blanca Riesco (St. George's College), 2nd Place; José Ignacio Álvarez and Trinidad Araya (Colegio Pedro de Valdivia - Providencia), 1st Place.
All our Grade 1 semifinalists receiving their certificates
All our Grade 2 semifinalists receiving ther certificates