Our 2022 winner Julia Rantakyro with former ESU Chile Chair, current International Chair, Jonathan Callund
From left to right, Lynnann Lovejoy (ESU Head of Academic Excellence); Philip Ray (ESU Vice-Chair); Rebeca Leiva (PSC Finalist, The International School Nido de Águilas); Catalina Zumaeta (PSC Finalist, SEK Chile); Emilia Aninat (PSC 2022 4th Place, Craighouse School); Nicolás Larraín (PSC 2022 2nd Place, Colegio Cumbres); Julia Rantakyro (PSC 2022 1st Place, The International School of La Serena); Jonathan Callund
Julia Rantakyro delivering her speech presented at the International PSC Finals

What a great day we had, with all participants and families able to accompany us! Plus, the International School Nido de Águilas (that also let us use their state of the art theatre for the event) provided us with the amazing talents of their music and theatre students, who delighted us all with a variety of musical and theatre interludes (just check the video for proof!)

We were reminded, once again, what a bunch of enormously bright, creative and energetic students our schools have. Most of all, we were witness to the enormous power that mastering the English language and using it in public has in their lives.

Some of the students also stayed after the ceremony for a workshop with BBC Journalist and Public Speaking Expert Jane Chambers to further develop their already considerable public speaking skills. A very enjoyable and fruitful experience for all involved!

(Click photo to see the awards ceremony on Youtube!)

Picture Gallery from the Awards Ceremony