Public Speaking Competition

This event is an annual event held worldwide culminating in March or April each year with the international competition always scheduled in May.  Public Speaking develops effective communication skills which is the backbone of any society.  It improves confidence, helps form connections, and can influence decisions and motivate change.

Now in its 16th year, the Public Speaking Competition is one of ESU Chile’s flagship events and involves numerous students invited from over 50 different Chilean schools. 

Every year, the competition brings together the best young speakers from across the country, with the winner going on to represent Chile at the International Public Speaking Competition in London England.  For this competition, students must prepare and deliver a speech based on a theme that is provided by ESU UK. 


  • All participants were required to deliver a prepared 5-minute original speech on the 2022 theme on video, which was sent to  for judges to view. Video had to be received by 18 March for 2022 judges to begin their viewing.
  • This year’s theme for ESU Chile and all other country’s national competition was “We expect too much from our heroes”
  • One participant per school is eligible to enter the PSC 2022.
  • Participants must be students from an ESU member school.
  • Participants must be passport holders or permanent residents of Chile.
  • IPSC theme for ESU Chile winner to prepare a new speech for the IPSC competition is “Our real choices are made without us realising it”

2022 ESU Chile PSC Medal Award Winners:

1st Place Gold Medal = Julia Rantakyro, The Int’l School La Serena          
                   “So That Their Laughter Is Nothing But Pure Sound Of Joy

2nd Place  Silver Medal = Nicolás Larrain, Colegio Cumbres     
                    “The Beauty In Our Flaws

3rd Place Bronze Medal =  Clara Costa Vergara, The Grange School            
                     “Why Modern World Politics Are Failing

Honorable Mention = Emilia Aninat Duque,  Craighouse School       
                     “Change Is The Only Constant In Life

Congratulations to all our participants and their support team both at home and school!  Special acknowledgment and encouragement go to Julia Rantakyro, ESU Chile 1st Place, Gold Medal Winner.  Julia will represent Chile as she advances on to the International Public Speaking Competition scheduled for May 9-13, hosted by ESU London.  Best wishes to Julia as she prepares for her next prepared speech on the theme “Our real choices are made without us realizing it”.