Julia Rantakyro, 1st Place Gold Medal, Int'l School La Serena
Nicolás Larráin, 2nd Place Silver Medal, Colegio Cumbres
Clara Costa Vergara, 3rd Place Bronze Medal, The Grange School
Emilia Aninat Duque, Honorable Mention, Craighouse School

We are pleased to announce, that The International School Nido de Aguilas has offered the use of their facility for this important ESU Event. Special thanks to Ms. Grace Rector, ESU PSC Contact for Nido, Rebeca Leiva, 2022 PSC Semifinalist representing Nido, and all the Nido staff/students that will assist in helping organise the Awards Ceremony and “Public Speaking Techniques” Workshop with Jane Chambers.

Any “Top Ten Finalist” or family/school support team unable to attend, it is our plan to provide live streaming via our ESU Facebook, ESU YouTube Channel, and/or Zoom. Just remember to click on our Instagram, Youtube and/or Facebook buttons at the bottom of this page so you can start following us if you aren’t already!

 We are still working out the logistics with the Nido Tech Department and will publish the links once the details are sorted out.  For those planning to attend in person, please be aware that masks are required, social distancing will be expected, and family groups can sit next to each other (creating a “bubble” effect) with other audience attendees leaving one seat space or every other seat occupied.  Most important, by government law, all people attending, no matter the age, must provide their mobility pass to be scanned before admittance is granted.

Please contact us at our email esu@esu.cl to inform us if you plan to attend in person, attend online, or are not able to attend.  Then, we can continue to make our preparations accordingly to the size.  

This next week, we will be confirming the program schedule.  Each of the “Top Ten PSC Semifinalists” will be called up on stage for presentation of certificates, medals, trophy, and other Sponsor gifts.  If a semifinalist is not able to attend in person, we will have the awards sent to their respective schools.  Interspersed between awards and speeches, we are making arrangements for some musical interludes and promotions for other upcoming ESU Events.  Hopefully, you will feel that this event was acknowledging of achievement as well as entertaining, held inside one of the “state-of-the-art” performance theaters within the entire country of Chile.