Public speaking competition

  • In this section you will find our Registration Forms and helpful downloadable Event PDFs.
  • A SIGNED Parental Consent Form is required for all Event Semi-Finalists and Finalists audio/visual.
  • Teachers can advise parents to view our EVENT VOICES Subpages to see how ESU displays audio/visual material on our official website.
  • Parents/Guardians: click on the Parental Consent Form link and follow the simple 2-factor digital parental consent process.
One participant per school is eligible to enter the PSC 2024.
  • Participants must be students from an ESU member school. AGES 16-20
  • Participants must be passport holders or permanent residents of Chile.
  • This year’s theme for ESU Chile and all other country’s national competition is:
    • There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so
  • All participants will be required to deliver a prepared, original 5-minute speech on the theme on video, which is sent to for judges to view. Video must be received by 15 March for judges to begin their viewing. Round 1 judging will be virtual.
  • 24 March the Semifinalists will be announced, plan to attend final heats in person (venue to be announced)
  • 05 April Semifinal & Final Heats (venue to be announced)
  • Note, this year’s PSC and IPSC National Competition will include impromptu speeches
  • IPSC theme for ESU Chile winner to prepare a new speech for the IPSC competition:
    • A great leader can change the world in an instant

      IPSC week in London 13-17 May 2024

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