Why is a spelling competition referred to as “Spelling Bees”? What is the connection between striped, honey-producing insects and the written word?
Contrary to popular belief, the term “spelling bees” does not derive from the insect, but rather denotes a gathering of individuals united by a common purpose, often collaborating to accomplish a shared task.
The spelling bee stands as an unparalleled celebration of spelling prowess. It annually engages thousands of children worldwide in the realms of reading and writing. In an era where formal spelling instruction occupies a diminishing role in traditional education, the popularity of the spelling bee has surged. 
In 2023, we came back with our Spelling Bee after a few years of hiatus due to the COVID Pandemic. It’s an event where our 3rd through 8th grade students, one per grade per school, have to go through some nerve-wracking spelling rounds of increasing difficulty. Tough, yes, but exciting above all!
Every year, a Traveling Trophy is awarded to the school that has collected the most points for participation, rounds passed and top places earned. 

2023 Spelling Bee Competition
First Place Winners

3rd to 5th Grades

Nicolás Yankovic
3rd Grade

Lincoln International Academy
Lo Barnechea
nicolas yankovic

Ariadna Daza
4th Grade

Andrée English School
ariadna daza

Alfonso Astorga
5th Grade

Andrée English School
alfonso astorga

6th to 8th Grades

Gabriel Landeros
6th Grade

Lincoln International Academy
Gabriel Landeros pc

Dominga Fones
7th Grade

St. George's College
Dominga Fones

Ari Fernández
8th Grade

Colegio Pedro de Valdivia
ari fernandez

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated.
Lincoln International Academy, Lo Barnechea, brought the trophy home this year!