The Debating Games Have Begun!

First Debate Tournament date: Rounds 1 and 2. Saturday 9 September at The Grange School.

The Debating Games have begun! Although not a proper death-unless-last-participant-standing kind of tournament -to the chagrin of some- the competition is fierce

Everything is brought to the fore and tested: eloquence, intelligence, wit, quickness of mind, character and stamina. In learning a second language or even mastering your very own, presenting an argument and defending it to the last consequences has to be the most demanding task you may encounter.

This year we have 10 schools participating in the tournament:

Lincoln International Academy
Nido de Águilas
Pedro de Valdivia, Providencia
Santiago College

Scuola Italiana
St. George’s College
The Grange School
The Mayflower School
Villa Maria Academy

Our first two rounds were held at The Grange School in La Reina, Santiago. We’d like to extend our thanks to Ciaran, Carlos, Thomas, Charlotte, Anne, the catering staff and all the student helpers on the day, as everything was set up perfectly and run smoothly so our participants could focus on their debates. The muffins were delicious as well!

As some of you may know, Round 1 is an impromptu debate with the motion picked blindly from a bag, teams having an hour after that to prepare. Round 2 is a prepared debate with a motion sent to them beforehand so they have time to prepare.

Next date is on 30 September, venue still to be announced. All invited to attend if you wish to see our students in action!