What is the ESU Journey?
The ESU Journey is the path we make available to our students throughout their school life and their English language skills development
ESU Chile is unique amongst equals, as it’s the only ESU chapter around the world that has competitions and activities for all school ages: primary to young adults.
We Parallel the 5 stages of Language Development
Our different competitions parallel closely the 5 stages of a second language acquisition:
Spelling Bee Competition
Receptive Phase (I) and Early Production (II)
Duologue and Poetry Recitation
Speech Emergence (III)
Creative Writing
Intermediate Fluency (IV)
Public Speaking, Debate and MUN
Continued Language Fluency (V)
We Share the Journey When it Matters Most
Experts believe that 3-7 years of age are the best times to introduce a non-mother tongue. Our brains are most receptive and continue to grow rapidly until our teenage years, when nerve fibres stop developing.
Start Your Student's Own ESU Journey!
Many students follow their own ESU Journey as they grow and participate in our competitions, discovering their own voices along the way.
Start Your School's Own ESU Journey
At ESU Chile we seek to encourage our member schools to help their students embark on their own ESU Journey, fostering understanding and enhancing effective communication.
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