poetry recitation COMPETITION

  • In this section you will find our Registration Forms and helpful downloadable Event PDFs.
  • A SIGNED Parental Consent Form is required for all Event Semi-Finalists and Finalists audio/visual.
  • Teachers can advise parents to view our EVENT VOICES Subpages to see how ESU displays audio/visual material on our official website.
  • Parents/Guardians: click on the Parental Consent Form link and follow the simple 2-factor digital parental consent process.

    04 October = Final registration(s) due through online form for Poetry Recitation Competition
    Each school may enter one participant per grade level for grades 3°- 8° (ages 7-14 years)

    11 October = submit mp4 video recording(s) due through online form or to ESU@esu.cl

    15 – 21 October = Round 1 judging (virtual)

    25 October = Announce Semifinalists to advance to in-person final heats

    07 November, Thursday = Final Heats for PRC in person for grades 3° – 5°

    08 November, Friday = Final Heats for PRC in person for grades 6° – 8°

      Host Saint George’s College both Thursday & Friday for grades 3° – 8°
               Santa Cruz 5400, 7660103 Vitacura, Región Metropolitana
                (participants need to make arrangements to attend in-person)

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